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The smart Festival 2013


Please note that smart Retailers have today been advised that smart UK will not be hosting a smart Festival in 2013.

We know that this will be disappointing to many and there is always considerable, and continued, interest in such an event.  Importantly however, thesmartclub has been engaged with smart UK throughout smart’s recent decision making process and we concur with smart UK’s decision regarding The smart Festival in 2013.

The 2012 smart Festival was a continued evolution of previous year’s events.  Indeed, the current format had evolved from the earlier ‘Destination Brooklands’ events (2006 to 2008) with several small changes from 2009 onwards leading to 'The smart Festival' experienced last year.

smart UK and thesmartclub are keen to ensure that each event brings smart owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts something very special and equally, something different from previous years.  Every year, hundreds of attendees complete thesmartclub’s post event feedback form and, as promised, thesmartclub shares that post event feedback from each Festival with smart UK.  There’s no doubt that 'The smart Festival' is popular but feedback has also shown that the event does need to be ‘refreshed’ and avoid the risk of it being ‘more of the same’ each year.

As such, planning is already underway for major events in 2014 and you can be sure that thesmartclub will continue to play a key role in ensuring that such events bring you the enjoyment, innovation and experiences you have come to expect from such a collaborative approach with smart. 

The fact that there will be no smart Festival in 2013 gives everyone that opportunity to achieve these goals.

Meantime, many of you will be attending smarttimes 2013 in Lucerne in August this year and you can find a full range of event information, Registration links, hotel reviews and more via our dedicated web site at – you can also go direct to event information and Registrations via smart’s own homepage ( selecting ‘smart world’ then ‘events’.

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Al Young
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